Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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TWS4/1124-26  President Chiang Kai-shek (2nd) TWS 1955 102.00  
TWS4M/1126a  President Chiang Kai-shek (2nd) (Miniature Sheet) TWS 1955 560.00  
TWS5/1163-64  Mother Tattooing TWS 1957 14.90  
TWS6/1183-88  Taiwan Insects TWS 1958 41.00  
TWS7/1189-92  Taiwan Flowers TWS 1958 22.30  
TWS8/1204  President Chiang Kai-Shek TWS 1958 3.55  
TWS9/1235-38  Defense of Kinmen and Matsu TWS 1959 21.50  
TWS10/1239-42  Pigeons Circling Globe TWS 1959 7.45  
TWS11/1243-44  Science Hall TWS 1959 8.15  
TWS12/1248-49  Leaders of Democracy TWS 1959 4.05  
TWS13/1250  Prompt Delivery Service TWS 1960 5.66  
TWS14/1251  Postal Launch Service TWS 1960 5.28  
TWS15/1260  Phone post Service TWS 1960 5.28  
TWS16/1261-64  Ancient of Paintings TWS 1960 126.00  
TWS17/1265-66  Youth Summer Activities TWS 1960 6.60  
TWS18/1284-89  Sports TWS 1960 22.65  
TWS19/1290-07  Ancient Chinese Art Treasures TWS 1961 618.00  
TWS20/1308-10  Farmer with Plow TWS 1961 18.90  
TWS21/1315  Mail Order Service TWS 1961 13.20  
TWS22/1323-26  Taiwan Scenery TWS 1961 92.45  
TWS23/1327-30  Chinese Industrial Development TWS 1961 39.60  
TWS24/1336  Postal Mechanical Equipment TWS 1962 5.28  
TWS25/1344  Elder Reporter Yu Yu-Jen TWS 1962 4.15  
TWS26/1352-54  UNESCO Activities TWS 1962 11.32  
TWS27/1355-58  Emperors From Ming Dynasty TWS 1962 706.00  
TWS28/1361-62  Sports TWS 1962 10.38  
TWS29/1386-89  Flowers TWS 1964 52.80  
TWS30/1414-17  Taiwan Fruit TWS 1964 149.00  
TWS31/1422-23  Animal Protection TWS 1964 13.20  
TWS32/1429-32  Chemical Industry TWS 1964 52.80  
TWS33/1448-49  Madame Chiang Kal-Shek TWS 1965 113.80  
TWS34/1454-57  Taiwan Fishes TWS 1965 51.00  
TWS35/1458,1461  Famous Chinese-Confucius and Mencius TWS 1965 34.20  
TWS36/1464-65  Traffic Safety TWS 1965 12.27  
TWS37/1469-70  Folklore TWS 1965 32.10  
TWS38/1471-74  Facial Paintings of Chinese Operas TWS 1966 166.00  
TWS39/1479-82  Ancient Paintings TWS 1966 240.00  
TWS40/1483-85  Folklore TWS 1966 54.40  
TWS41/1459-60  Famous Chinese-Yueh Fei and Wen Tien-hsiang TWS 1966 24.00  
TWS42/1505-06  Chiang Kai-Shek TWS 1966 28.30  

713 Total Results Page1 of 18  Goto:

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