Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
Lizhi Stamps Welcome You ! Lizhi Stamps Welcome You !

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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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    OUR GUARANTEE: It's simple, satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! 
    OUR QUALITY: Second to none! All stamps are in mint, Post Office fresh condition. 
    OUR PRICES: They speak for themselves. Compare and save! 
    OUR SERVICE: Most orders are promptly and offer good service.

    *All of the marked prices are in US$ dollars, the price of for "0.00" is no goods.


  These of postage be free in shipping, If your do order is for US$100.00 or more in once time. We pay all airmail charges. But terms be "Stamps" and "Paper Money" can only. (Coin, Phone Cards, Souvenir Sheets, OFDC, Cover,Cards and Other etc weighty of thing, We will send them by registered shipping mail, But if you want by air mail send for, Please according to total amount of money other add 25% for airmail fee. according to reality postage pay, refund for any over payment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency).  On all orders under US$100.00, Please other add US$3.00 for air mail or shipping charges and handling again.


    Use bank a telegraphic money order (T/T): You can offer the my data and ask about your bank there. My bank account as follow : (Will process 3-4 day).

    Use Western Union: On the telegraphic money order do you from Western Union. (can fast receive cash, process only one day).

    Use Paypal: Paypal account of E-mail address is "" But, be have to pay for this service us. Please do the total amount do extra add payment 4.50%+US$0.30 for the Paypal charge again.

   Other. You may opt to use an International Postal Money Order. Please note, that this can be obtained only at a Post Office counter. You cannot get a Postal Money Order at your bank. Your bank will only sell you an International Money Order, which is not the same as an International Postal Money Order. A bank money order will cost you much more, and we will also be charged in CHINA, so we will have to return it. When you go to the Post Office to obtain or send an International Postal Money Order, please be sure to obtain it correctly. Please note, Please ask counter personnel at a major central post office or call your postal administration for information. Counter clerks in small offices are often ignorant. (Will process 50-60 day).
  International Postal Money Orders must be made in US$.

  Cash. This is the most efficient method to send payment, if you do not have any of the bank or postal accounts we mentioned, and if you cannot send US$ dollar checks. We accept cash: USA-US$, EUROPE-Eur, JAPAN-JPY, AUSTRALIA-AU$, CANADA-CA$, SINGAPORE-SG$, Swiss Franc, New Zealand NZ$, HONG KONG-HK$. (The exchange rate are in the light of actual conditions in accordance with and US dollar) 

  Cash is always on the sender's risk. If you send cash by registered or insured mail, everything will be received, (please put the cash between two postcards or other cards covered with by hard paper, Then enclosed in hard envelope). If sum excess in US$200 above, please pay by bank transfer or postal money order be for safe.  Refuse to accept coin!

  Any questions - please Asking before conducting a transaction  



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