Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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96-2fs/2643-46  The 3rd Asian Winter Games FS 1996 12.60  
96-3fs/2648-49  Shenyang Imperial Palace FS 1996 12.50  
99-5fs/2958-59a  Red Deer FS 1999 13.80  
00-22fs/3065  The Commemorative ceremonial of the first successful test flight of China`s "Shenzhou"spaceship FS 2000 195.00  
01-6fs/3103  Murals of Yongle Temple FS 2001 22.80  
01-22fs/3145  The Six Steeds at the Zhaoling Mausoleum FS 2001 15.80  
S-2-2001fs/3119  In Commemoration of Beijing Successful Bid for Hosting 2008 Olympic Games FS 2001 16.50  
S-3-2001fs/3156  China Enters W T O FS 2001 18.80  
02-8fs/3193  Mountains Thousand FS 2002 12.60  
02-11fs/3198  FIFA World Cup 2002 FS 2002 18.50  
02-22fs/3239  Kiosk and Castle FS 2002 12.00  
02-26fs/3248  Wushu and Boxing FS 2002 11.00  
S-4-2003fs/3275  Resist SARS FS 2003 565.00  
S-5-2003fs/3314  China Successfully Launches its First manned Spacecraft FS 2003 49.00  
04-3fs/3343  Centenary of Birth of Dengyingcao FS 2004 6.90  
04-6fs/3350-51  Peacock FS 2004 7.98  
04-7fs/3353  River of Nanxi FS 2004 9.60  
04-9fs/3358  20th of Special economic Zones FS 2004 6.80  
04-12fs/3344  China-Singapore Cooperation-10th Anniversary of the Founding of Suzhou Industrial Park FS 2004 16.15  
04-13fs/3366-69  Ancient of Village FS 2004 14.60  
04-14fs/3370-73  Chinese Folk Tale-Pass letter of Liuyi FS 2004 12.00  
04-16fs/3376-77  Olympic Games FS 2004 14.50  
04-17fs/3378-79  Centenary of Birth of Deng Xiaoping FS 2004 11.80  
04-19fs/3381-82  Tiger of Hua Nan FS 2004 18.00  
04-21fs/3385  Lithographic printting FS 2004 16.60  
04-22fs/3390-91  Lacquerwork and pottery FS 2004 12.80  
04-23fs/3392-93  National Flag and National Emblem FS 2004 37.60  
04-24fs/3394-05  Landscapes of Border area FS 2004 25.60  
05-2fs/3419  Natural gas from west to east of engineering FS 2005 8.50  
05-3fs/3420  Historic site of Taiwan FS 2005 5.70  
05-4fs/3421-24  Year Picture woodcut of Yangjiafu FS 2005 24.80  
05-5fs/3425-28  Yulan magnolia flowers FS 2005 20.85  
05-6fs/3430  World the earth day FS 2005 8.90  
05-7fs/3431  Mountain of Jigong FS 2005 4.50  
05-8fs/3432  80th Anniv. of the Founding of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions FS 2005 6.80  
05-9fs/3433-34  Painting of works FS 2005 11.10  
05-10fs/3435  Seaside Landscape of Dalian FS 2005 4.20  
05-11fs/3436  Centennial of Fudan University Year 2005 11.50  
05-12fs/3437  Childrens stories of Andersen Year 2005 5.30  
05-12fss/3437b  Childrens stories of Andersen Year 2005 8.80  

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