Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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J59sl/1626-27  Exhibition of P R C SL 1980 1,880.00  
J63sl/1677-78  Stamp Exhibition of P R C in Japan SL 1981 161.00  
J71sl/1692-94  China`s Sweep of 36th World Table Tennis Championships SL 1981 132.00  
J92sl/1872-75  Literature of Ancient China (1st Set) SL 1983 508.00  
T57sl/1645-46  Chinese River Dolphin SL 1980 450.00  
T68sl/1788-89  Sable (Martes Zibellina) SL 1982 326.00  
00-2sl/3002-04  The Spring Festival SL 2000 76.00  
00-17msl/3051  27th Olympic Games (Miniature Sheet) SL 2000 55.00  
00-22sl/3065  The Commemorative ceremonial of the first successful test flight of China "Shenzhou" spaceship SL 2000 41.80  
01-2slg/3083-84  Year of the Snake SL 2001 49.00  
01-10sl/3110-12  Duan Wu Festival SL 2001 18.60  
01-12sl/3118  The 80th Anniv. of the Founding of the Communist Party of China SL 2001 17.70  
01-15sl/3129   The 21st World University Games SL 2001 8.80  
01-15sla/3129  The 21st World University Games SL 2001 320.00  
01-22sl/3145  The Six Steeds at the Zhaoling Mausoleum SL 2001 15.66  
02-1slg/3161-62  Year of the Horse SL 2002 38.60  
02-11sl/3198  FIFA World Cup 2002 SL 2002 29.50  
02-20sl/3234-36  Autumn of Festival SL 2002 8.90  
PS-1sl/3197  As one Wishes SL 2002 3.80  
PS-2sl/3241  Flower SL 2002 3.80  
03-1slg/3253-54  Year of the Sheep SL 2003 52.00  
03-1sl/3253-54  Year of the Sheep SL 2003 95.00  
03-2sl/3255-58  Yangliuqing of New Year Picture SL 2003 27.60  
03-3sl/3259-60  Chinese Calligraphy-Seal Character SL 2003 72.80  
03-4sl/3262-65  Lily Flower SL 2003 63.00  
03-5sl/3267-70  Ancient Bridge SL 2003 160.00  
03-6sl/3271-72  Bell Tower and Mosque SL 2003 23.00  
03-8sl/3274  Island-Gulangyu SL 2003 62.80  
03-9sl/3276-81  Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio One of China`s Famous Classical Literary Works (3rd Set) SL 2003 64.00  
03-10sl/3283-85  Meteorite Crater of Jilin SL 2003 48.00  
03-11sl/3286  Suzhou Grater:Wangsiyuan SL 2003 34.90  
03-12sl/3287-88  Tibet Antelope SL 2003 32.00  
03-13sl/3289  Kongtong Mountain SL 2003 95.60  
03-14sl/3291-92  Centenary of invent Aircraft SL 2003 41.50  
03-15sl/3293-96  Colors Sculptures in Jinshi SL 2003 40.00  
03-16sl/3300-03  Minority Nationality of Games SL 2003 28.30  
03-17sl/3305-07  Ancient time of General-Yue Fei SL 2003 29.80  
03-18sl/3311-13  The Ninth Month of the Lunar year of Festival SL 2003 15.80  
03-19sl/3309-10  Books Art SL 2003 26.80  
03-20sl/3315-19  Chinese Folk Tale-Liangshanpo and Zhuyingtai SL 2003 25.50  

168 Total Results Page1 of 5  Goto:

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