Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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HKC1/66  50th Anniv. of Colony HKC 1891 566.00  
HKC2/147-50  Silver Jubilee HKC 1935 160.00  
HKC3/151-53  Coronation Issues HKC 1937 71.80  
HKC4/168-73  Centenary of British Occupation HKC 1941 150.90  
HKC5/174-75  Victory Issue HKC 1946 18.90  
HKC6/178-79  Royal Silver Wedding HKC 1948 528.00  
HKC7/180-83  75th Anniv. of Universal Postal Union HKC 1949 103.80  
HKC8/184  Coronation HKC 1953 17.00  
HKC9/199  Golden Jubilee of Hong Kong University HKC 1961 26.40  
HKC10/200-02  Stamp Centenary HKC 1962 12.30  
HKC11/218  Freedom from Hunger HKC 1963 90.60  
HKC12/219-20  Red Cross Centenary HKC 1963 71.70  
HKC13/221-22  International Telecommunication Union Centenary HKC 1965 66.00  
HKC14/223-24  International Co-operation Year HKC 1965 41.51  
HKC15/225-28  Churchill Commemoration HKC 1966 90.60  
HKC16/229-30  Inauguration of W. H. O. Headquarters HKC 1966 20.76  
HKC17/231-33  20th Anniv. of U. N. E. S. C. O HKC 1966 103.80  
HKC18/236  Completion of Malaysia-Hong Kong link Sea Telephone cable HKC 1967 24.53  
HKC19/247-78  Human Right Year HKC 1968 24.53  
HKC20/251  Establishment of the Chinese University of Hong Kong HKC 1969 24.53  
HKC21/252  Opening of Communications Satellite Tracking Station HKC 1969 24.53  
HKC22/255-56  Expo`70 Japan HKC 1970 6.05  
HKC23/257-58  Centenary of Tung Wah Hospitals HKC 1970 11.32  
HKC24/259  Asian Productivity Year HKC 1970 2.85  
HKC25/262-64  Diamond Jubilee Scouting HKC 1971 26.40  
HKC26/265-67  Festival Hong Kong HKC 1971 20.80  
HKC27/270  Cross-Harbour Tunnel HKC 1972 6.60  
HKC28/271-72  Royal Silver Wedding HKC 1972 5.66  
HKC29/289-90  Princess Anne and Mark Phillips HKC 1973 8.49  
HKC30/291-93  Festival of Hong Kong (Second Issue) HKC 1973 10.95  
HKC31/296-98  Arts Festival of Hong Kong HKC 1974 18.90  
HKC31M/298a  Arts Festival of Hong Kong (Miniature Sheet) HKC 1974 79.30  
HKC32/299-01  Centenary of Universal Postal Union HKC 1974 9.45  
HKC33/304-05  Royal Visit in Hong Kong HKC 1975 8.50  
HKC34/306-08  Hong Kong Festivals HKC 1975 60.40  
HKC34M/308a  Hong Kong Festivals (Miniature Sheet) HKC 1975 141.50  
HKC35/328-29  Girl Guides Diamond Jubilee 1916-1976 HKC 1976 7.92  
HKC36/330-32  Opening of the New General Post Office Building HKC 1976 16.60  
HKC37/335-37  Silver Jubilee HKC 1977 9.80  
HKC38/347-48  25th Anniv. of Accession to the Throne HKC 1978 4.31  

222 Total Results Page1 of 6  Goto:

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