Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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JP1  23rd Olympic Games JP 1984 92.00  
JP2  Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong Officially Signed JP 1984 46.80  
JP3  The 3rd National Congress of the China Association for Science and Technology JP 1985 23.20  
JP4  70th Anniversary of the Founding of China Medical Association JP 1985 22.80  
JP5  40th Anniversary of the United Nations JP 1985 23.80  
JP6  Exhibition for Stamps Issued during the Period of Chinese Peoples Revolutionary War JP 1985 83.90  
JP7  Asia-Pacific International Trade Fair JP 1985 25.30  
JP8  The Second National Industrial Census JP 1986 6.00  
JP9  The 2450th Anniversary of the Founding of Su Zhou City JP 1986 7.10  
JP10  Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration on Macao Officially Signed JP 1987 18.30  
JP11  The 75th Anniversary of the Founding of Beijing Library JP 1987 7.00  
JP12  China National Juvenile Philatelic Exhibition JP 1987 6.60  
JP13  Welcoming Taiwan Compatriots to Mainland JP 1988 6.06  
JP14  The Transport and Communications Decade for Asia and the Pacific JP 1988 5.06  
JP15  24th Olympic Games JP 1988 20.80  
JP16  The First Beijing International Fair JP 1989 4.55  
JP17  2nd National Juvenile Games JP 1989 4.55  
JP18  Fifth World Cup Parachuting Championships JP 1989 6.55  
JP19  International Symposium on Mushroom Biotechnology JP 1989 6.55  
JP20  14th Beijing Conference on the Law of the World JP 1990 4.05  
JP21  Basic Law of Hong Kong JP 1990 6.06  
JP22a  China of Bank JP 1990 1,100.00  
JP22  31st International Mathematical Olympiad JP 1990 3.00  
JP23  14th World Mining Conference JP 1990 3.53  
JP24  Fourth National Census JP 1990 3.00  
JP25  IGU Asian Pacific Regional Conference JP 1990 3.00  
JP26  Second UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries JP 1990 3.00  
JP27  Centenary of Introduction of Eucalyptus Tree into China JP 1990 3.35  
JP28  First National Exposition of Industrial Enterprises Technological Achievements JP 1991 3.00  
JP29  400th Anniversary of Galileo Discovery of Inertial & Gravitational Mass Formula JP 1991 3.00  
JP30  Second City Games of the P R C JP 1991 2.42  
JP31  First World Wushu Championships JP 1991 1.82  
JP32  Visit China 1992 Campaign JP 1992 1.62  
JP33  Fourth National Games for P R C University Students JP 1992 1.92  
JP34  Tenth Anniversary of the Founding of the All China Philatelic Federation JP 1992 1.20  
JP35  Exhibition on Reform and Opening Achievements of China Costal Cities JP 1993 1.12  
JP36  Basic Law of Macao JP 1993 2.11  
JP37  30th Anniversary of China Sending its first Medical Team Abroad JP 1993 1.20  
JP38  13th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Youth League JP 1993 1.20  
JP39  International Olympic Day 1993 JP 1993 2.96  

185 Total Results Page1 of 5  Goto:

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