Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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T1/1143-48  Gymnastics T 1974 72.90  
T2/1149-54  Acrobatics T 1974 39.58  
T3/1181-86  Paintings by Peasants of Huxian County T 1974 27.10  
T4/1194-98  Daqing Red Banner T 1974 29.20  
T5/1199-03  Dazhai Red Banner T 1974 29.20  
T6/1208  Chinese Export Commodities Fair T 1974 11.42  
T7/1222-27  Wushu T 1975 35.40  
T8/1228-31  Criticize Lin Biao and Confucius T 1975 81.25  
T9/1218-21  Rural Woman Teachers T 1975 93.75  
T10/1312-14  Militia Women T 1977 20.83  
T11/1299-02  Revolutionary Sacred Place Shaoshan T 1976 14.58  
T12/1271-74  New Achievements of Medical and Health Science T 1976 37.50  
T13/1250-54  Farm Mechanization T 1975 25.00  
T14/1245-59  Children of New China T 1975 25.00  
T15/1239-41  Chinese Renascent of Mt.Qomolangma T 1975 7.29  
T16/1286-89  Live-Line Operations T 1976 27.10  
T17/1293-98  In Vast Countryside T 1976 31.25  
T18/1281-85  Workers. Peasants and Soldiers Go to College T 1976 70.30  
T19/1365-70  Developing Petroleum Industry T 1978 14.58  
T20/1461-64  Develop Mines T 1978 8.35  
T21/1400-04  Build up Health for Revolution from Childhood T 1978 4.18  
T22/1329-32  Building Dazhai-Type Counties Throughout the Country T 1977 14.58  
T23/1371-72  Army and People Are One Family T 1978 6.25  
T24/1384-88  Weather T 1978 5.21  
T25/1405-09  Chemical Fabrics T 1978 7.30  
T26/1415-19  Iron and Steel Industry T 1978 8.36  
T27/1412-14  Learn from Dazhai in Animal Husbandry T 1978 6.25  
T28/1389-98  Galloping Horses T 1978 70.80  
T28M/1399  Galloping Horses (Miniature Sheet) T 1978 625.00  
T29/1423-32  Arts and Crafts T 1978 13.50  
T29M/1433  Arts and Crafts (Miniature Sheet) T 1978 330.00  
T30/1435-39  Medicinal Herbs T 1978 6.25  
T31/1447-51  Highway Arch Bridges T 1978 6.68  
T31M/1452  Highway Arch Bridges (Miniature Sheet) T 1978 355.00  
T32/1420-22  Learn from the Hard-Boned sixth Company T 1978 6.25  
T33/1469-70  Silk Paintings Unearthed from an Ancient tomb of Warring states Period, Changsha T 1979 6.25  
T34/1453-57  New Outlook of Water Country T 1978 20.83  
T35/1465-67  Golden Pheasant T 1979 6.25  
T36/1527-29  Railway Construction T 1979 8.32  
T37/1530-39  Camellias of Yunnan T 1979 29.18  

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