Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
All China Stamps, Bank&Coins, Phone Cards, and Other Collection for offer.
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Stamps of China, Bank&coins, Phone cards, or Other collecting for collector
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S1/117-21  National Emblem S 1951 72.50  
S2/128-31  Land Reform S 1952 41.80  
S3/151-54  Great Motherland (1st Set) : Dunhuang Murals S 1952 10.95  
S4/141-50  Gymnastics by Radio S 1952 1,250.00  
S5/163-66  Great Motherland (2nd Set) : Construction S 1952 6.25  
S6/190-93  Great Motherland (3rd Set): Dunhuang Murals S 1953 6.25  
S7/198-01  Great Motherland (4th Set): Ancient Inventions S 1953 6.25  
S8/214-21  Economic Construction S 1954 9.38  
S9/225-28  Great Motherland (5th Set): Ancient Cultural Relics S 1954 6.25  
S10/229-30  Seamless Steel Tubing Mill and Heavy Rolling Mill S 1954 2.50  
S11/235-36  Technical Innovation S 1954 2.50  
S12/241  Newly Constructed 220,000 Volt High Tension Electric Line (1954) S 1955 4.17  
S13/249-66  Strive for Fulfillment of 1st Five-year Plan S 1955 62.50  
S14/287-89  Xikang-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highways S 1956 5.21  
S15/290-94  Scenic Spots of Beijing S 1956 25.00  
S16/295-98  Pictorial Reproductions from Bricks of East Han Dynasty S 1956 2.92  
S17/299-00  Savings S 1956 16.67  
S18/351-54  Children S 1958 83.35  
S19/326-29  Harnessing the Yellow River S 1957 83.35  
S20/330-33  Agricultural Cooperatives S 1957 6.25  
S21/337-40  Architecture of Ancient China:Pagodas S 1958 12.50  
S22/341-43  Early Fossils of China S 1958 6.25  
S23/358-59  Beijing Planetarium S 1958 16.68  
S24/367-69  Meteorological Work S 1958 6.25  
S25/379-81  Soviet Sputniks S 1958 16.62  
S26/377-78  Ming Tombs Reservoir S 1958 5.21  
S27/385-88  Forestry S 1958 16.68  
S28/392-93  China`s First Atomic Reactor and Cyclotron S 1958 31.25  
S29/394-97  Aviation Sports S 1958 6.25  
S30/398-01  Paper-Cuts S 1959 50.00  
S31/407-08  Central Museum of Natural History S 1959 3.12  
S32/560  China`s First 10,000-ton Ocean-going Freighter S 1960 10.42  
S33/425  Soviet Space Rocket S 1959 16.68  
S34/416-17  Beijing Airport S 1959 47.92  
S35/426-37  People`s Communes S 1959 41.68  
S36/465-66  Cultural Palace of the Nationalities S 1959 16.68  
S37/483-86  National Agricultural Exhibition Hall S 1960 5.21  
S38/506-17  Goldfish S 1960 1,040.00  
S39/502-03  Soviet Moon Rocket and Interplanetary Station S 1960 20.90  
S40/518-22  Pig-Breeding S 1960 208.60  

82 Total Results Page1 of 3  Goto:

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